New Work in progress

We are upgrading the facilities on the ground floor and in the basement. The renovation will start in July. What can you expect in terms of changes and planning?

When you arrive at the building, you immediately notice the changes. W1 will be given a new, contemporary appearance and the clear signage will guide you to the entrance. You will also find more and varied greenery outside. The seating areas in the park will be renewed. The prominent main entrance will be designed as a welcoming reception area. As you enter, you are immediately greeted by the hostess of the combined reception desk and espresso bar.

The ground floor and the atrium will have a warm and green appearance. Much more than now, you can go there to work, get new ideas, buy a cup of coffee, have a lunch meeting with guests or visit an inspiring exhibition.

Working and meeting people

Being able to work comfortably is an important ingredient for a satisfying stay at W1. With new forms for working, meetings and connecting with people, W1 helps you to brainstorm, work out an idea together, consult in a suitable setting, share knowledge and make real progress. From extensive work facilities in the work lounge to creative spaces. Some of the spaces can be reserved, but there are also places that are exclusively available on an ad hoc basis.

Food and drinks

For food and drinks, the new setting offers you three different catering outlets where you can go to during the day: First, W1 of a kind and W1 World. A quick, healthy lunch, leisurely enjoying coffee with a tasty snack, treating yourself to some comfort food to boost your mood, or a hearty meal: it's all possible. Click here for more information.

Workshops, events and exhibitions

Outside, on the ground floor and in the basement it will soon be easy to meet others, take part in a workshop, enjoy an exhibition or do sports. For the collective tenants we will be offering regular knowledge sessions (presentations, workshops) and social events (lunches, get-togethers around a theme, sports classes, boot camps). In addition, you can of course host your own activities and events here.


We are trying to ensure that everyone experiences as little inconvenience as possible from the renovation and we are working towards the grand opening in December 2021. How will it affect you? As of July we will start with the renovation with a phased approach, and the work may cause some noise from time to time.

The highlights:

  • The renovation will start in the first week of July
  • The espresso bar will remain open with an adjusted lunch offer for as long as possible, after which it will be combined with the reception, with the lunch assortment remaining the same.
  • The central kitchen will be closed from early July until December, the adjusted assortment will be available at the reception bar (pick&mix) or can be ordered in advance (grab&go)
  • The reception desk will remain available and the building will remain open during the entire renovation. There will be a short period at the end of July during which the main entrance will not be open and access will be via the side entrances. The exact days are yet to be determined.
  • The grand opening is planned for early December!

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