A new catering concept

In December this year, Winthontlaan 1 will start with a new catering concept. Here is a little taste of what you may expect gastronomically.

As of December there will be three different catering outlets at Winthontlaan 1 that welcome you throughout the day: First, W1 of a kind and W1 World. A quick, healthy lunch, leisurely enjoying coffee with a tasty snack, treating yourself to some comfort food to boost your mood, or a hearty meal: it's all possible. You choose whatever suits you best at that moment.

After you have made your choice, you can take a seat at the bar or at a pleasant long table, or share a sofa with colleagues. For optimal relaxation you can settle in a comfortable armchair with a newspaper or magazine or enjoy the sun and fresh air on the terrace. There even will be a space for private dining!


From whichever side you enter, this spacious espresso bar is never far away. It is the place where your guests are warmly welcomed, and at any time of the day you can come here for excellent coffee and something to eat. In the morning the food assortment includes appealing breakfast products (croissants, yoghurt cups, smoothies), around lunchtime you find tasty wraps and sandwiches to take away, and there are grab-and-go products for late breakfasters, early lunchers and everyone who didn't get around to lunch. You can also find information about facilities and events, borrow or buy equipment and reserve rooms and bikes.

W1 of a kind

W1 of a kind excels in healthy lunch dishes. Create your own surprising sandwiches and salads from a rainbow of ingredients, compose your favourite sushi menu or mix a colourful pokébowl for yourself. If you don't feel like making your own creation, or have little time, you can pick one of the ready-made dishes. Ingredients and toppings change with the seasons and we work with local products as much as possible. The origin and nutritional value of the complete assortment is indicated on the menus and the buffet. That way, you immediately know the story behind it, see which ingredients are locally sourced and make more conscious choices.

W1 World

W1 World specialises in hot meals, from street food to plated meals. For lunch, dinner, or to take away and eat at home or on the go. At this atmospheric serving counter the focus is always on a different country. You really take a short gastronomical journey right in your busy working week. One day with a classic burger and the next with something you have never tasted before. The appealing preparation and cooking takes place right in front of you, and you can already smell the deliciously fragrant hot dishes. To prevent waste, you can take home any leftover meals at the end of the day, chilled and at a reduced price.

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